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Attica Ventures was established in September 2003 with the purpose of managing venture capital funds and is a member of the Attica Bank Group of companies. Attica Bank is the first bank to participate in a venture capital fund operating under the framework of Greek Law 2992/2002 and establish a dedicated subsidiary to manage such a fund.

Attica Ventures aims to invest in innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are in their development phase, hold a distinctive competitive advantage and have excellent potential for equity appreciation and international competitiveness and presence, regardless of the industry they compete. Our target size of investment is between € 3-7 million, but we are able to accommodate any size of investment in cooperation to strategic partners and/or co-investors. In most of the cases we intend to take minority stakes, supporting the management achieving their goals.

Since 2004 Attica Ventures is managing Zaitech Fund a € 40 million fund (investors Attica Bank, TANEO). We have already invested and reserved more than € 32 million since 2005 in 10 innovative companies that are active in various sectors (renewable energy, telecoms, industrial innovation, food & beverages, healthcare, logistics, retail and real estate). Our investments have already achieved remarkable growth, positive results, market awards and recognition.  Four of our investments are now listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.

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